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My Karma One

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...a head start in the new economy!

About Us

A head start in the new economy

As a new world economy dawns upon us, those that meet, work, and learn together will enjoy a better life and more prosperous business.
Karma One online Private Member Community is independent, non-political, non-religious, non-governmental, not-for-profit, and non-opinionated.
Those that make fair contributions – should expect fair rewards. This is the base principle of Karma One. We call it karmatocracy.

A true Private Community

Karma One serves as fair protection to its communities. No censorship. No moderation. Fully at the discretion of each community. And with any tool or service developed available to each of the communities.
Each Karma One member enjoys universal rights: Free will and affiliation. Free expression. Freedom to conduct private dealings as they see fit.
Each member is free to do whatever he/she wants, as long as he/she accepts the Member Requirements.

Member Requirements

Each member is free to do whatever he/she wants, as long as he/she causes no harm, nor injury, nor loss to another. As long as he/she keeps association members identities and matters confidential. And as long as he/she stands honourably in all his/her dealings.
Each member accepts to be expelled from the Karma One platform if two Community Hosts or one Community Host and a Karma One Host find it to the benefit of the purpose of the Community and/or Platform and its members.
Members that don’t pay qualifying fees, if applicable, are suspended.

Private Unregistered Member Association

As a Private Unregistered Member Association, Karma One is owned by its members.
A Founding Member has gifted the work and cost of setting up the association and its platforms via own means and independent donations with no promise of reciprocal performance.
The Founding Member has made a pledge of gradual transfer of association governance to the members upon proof of its autonomous performance and independence. The Founding Member may at any time utilise the same platforms and services offered to members on the same conditions as members yet for no pay if applicable.

Karma One Community Platform

A Core Team of members are engaged in the set-up and development and administration of the Karma One Private Community platform.
Their work is financed by the members via donations and member fees.
Private Communities under the Karma One umbrella platform are responsible for their own activities and finance their own operations and governance.

Build your own Community

Host your own community on the Karma One platform.
Protected by Karma One as the umbrella community. And with access to all Karma One Private Community members.
Such community can be Secret (only known to invited members, not even accessed by Karma One); or Private (visible to Karma One community yet closed access until accepted or invited).
Communities can charge for their member access and/or create and promote paid offers like events, courses, coaching, and other.

Get help from Karma One

Karma One Hosts qualify Community Hosts to set up their own community and onboard members.
Karma One Hosts helps launch the community in effective ways, if desired.
Community Host own his/her own content and member lists. Communities can charge for their member access and/or create and promote paid offers like events, courses, coaching, and other. Karma One Hosts offers help to getting started.

Community Members

Member of a Community also becomes member of the Karma One umbrella community. Where they can decide to take part or not.
This way we multiply the potential of a growing network for all members and communities.
This way we make sure members and communities are protected under the umbrella of a Private Member Association and its platform.

Free or Paid?

Each qualified Community Host conducts his/her dealings with any free or paid activities or offerings at his/her own discretion.
Qualified Communities can use Karma One platform to create and promote such activities.
Community Hosts can, if appropriate, use Karma One payment and transaction system to charge for member fees and offerings.

Karma One Plans

Karma One launched September 2022.
As Karma One platform and activity grows, monetisation becomes the fair way to distribute cost of operation. Karma One will, after an introductory period, charge a low running member fee. As offerings and activity level prove more value, member fee may be raised to reflect the added value.


To secure Karma One Private Community protection and ensure Karma One help, minimum requirements to qualify for community set-ups are:

Name: Desired community name (English main name if not secret community).
Purpose: A one-line purpose of what the community want to achieve or play as role in people’s lives or business.
Description: One paragraph of who the community is for, what activities members can engage in, and what offers to expect.

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